Saturday, December 22, 2012

FREE Printable 6 Gift Tags Download

I just made these up on my computer, using my hand drawn designs and scanning them in, creating a kind of digital 'stamp' out of them! 

Print your tags on standard printer paper or on nice card stock. I used a hole punch to attach ribbons, and wrote out our names. You can see them in action here, shown on my Custom Made Gift Bags from It's a Wrap! Gift Bags

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Toilet Paper Roll Gift Box

The holidays can tap you out, leaving you to have to be creative with your gift wrap! For small gifts, this is a super cheap DIY gift box made from an empty toilet paper roll. It is also a great way to use up those scraps of wrapping paper!

Toilet paper tubes
Gift wrap
Invisible tape

Pencil & ruler optional but helpful!

Step 1: Measure Wrapping Paper 


Measure the length of the roll,  and cut the paper  long enough to go around the tube one and a half times. Make sure the paper covers the ends on either side. 


Tape one end evenly to the roll, with invisible tape. 


Step 2: Roll Your Roll


Roll the paper around the roll, and tape the seam. Try to keep everything nice and even - you can trim the edges with scissors to even it out if need be. 

Step 3: Pinch and Tape


Pinch the roll at one end, like shown above. Fold the end neatly, and tape closed. 


Fill the tiny box with goodies, then repeat the folding and taping procedure on the other side. Attach a cute little tag and give your gift!


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Monday, December 17, 2012

15 Handmade Gifts They Won't Hate Receiving

Whenever most people think of handmade gifts, they think of ill-fitting knit hats or hideous reindeer sweaters, or inedible jams. I,however,have to admire people who make bunches of their own holiday gifts. If you do it right, it can save you money, and there’s also just something about homemade presents that says you really long as you get it right! At any rate, it is more thoughtful than a gift card in most cases. 

These artsy-craftsy folk got it right, in my opinion! Here are 15 awesome handmade gift ideas that are sure to please every man, woman or child on your list! There are even gift ideas for cats and dogs!

1. Leather iPod Touch Case by gmjhowe graphic design

2. Wooden Necktie (and Bowtie) by laxap

3. Office Foot Stool from an old Tray Table by Alan Casey

4. TREAD BELT by opendesignclub

5. Homemade Earring Organizer by eolough

6. Cargo Scarf by lovefromvirgil

7. sew an adjustable chef's apron  by compwalla

8. Recycled Teacup Soy candle by cheekysttich

9. Finger puppets for all reasons! by stinkymum
finger puppets2 018.jpg

10. Kids Snuggie by scoochmaroo

11. Fridge Magnets by hethlee 
(I think of Alphabet magnets for kids)

12. MINI-MUFFIN CRAYONS by AlwaysAllTheTimeCrafting

13. Kid Crane Riding Toy by stevemoseley

14. Rope Dog Toy by mattrush

15. Knotty Mouse for Good Cats by J3443RY


Saturday, December 15, 2012

DIY Holiday Craft Round Up

LOVE things like Pinterest, or blogs that do things like Sugar Bee's "Take a Look Tuesday", because I can see a plethora of projects, all in one place! These are a few of the BEST I have seen today in my internet travels. 

Free Winter Printables from Laura's Crafty Life

Cinnamon Sparkle Ornaments from


DIY Ginger Salt Scrub from Fun Home Things

Easy Paperclip Angel Ornament from 

Vintage Glitter Bulbs from The Moody Fashionista

Apple Pumpkin Cake 
(OMG are you kidding me?!? Sounds DELICIOUS!) From Architecture of a Mom

Thanks for sharing with the world your crafty and culinary genius! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Use Your Freebie Stash to Make Holiday Gifts - The Classy Way

Originally Posted at Little Mom Saves
Sometimes we get to the holidays without a whole lot in the gift budget! To save a few bucks and bust that freebie stash, here is a few things you can do to give nice gifts without costing yourself anything but a little time. 

Do you have a box full of Sephora, Origins, Lancome, Clinique or other beauty samples? Sometimes you can print out a "coupon" from some these company's websites or Facebook pages for free facials (in-store). Find a cute basket and arrange the samples and free facial coupon inside. Maybe add a few cheapies, like a scrubby pouf or scented body spray. Great for co-workers, lady pals or even teens!

If you cashed in on either of the Sleep Number freebies this year, they would both make excellent gifts! The scented candle is soy, and smells lovely. If you add a pretty (handmade?) pillow cover to the travel pillow, it would make a thoughtful gift for someone who travels a lot. 

ANY of the items in your Bath & Body Works freebie stockpile would make great stocking stuffers, co-worker or Secret Santa gifts, or be nice for a family member or teen. Some of the freebies we have seen this year are travel size lotions and body sprays, mini candles, and coupon deals where you make a purchase of $25 and get various full size freebies. 

I got these 3 candles FREE, and the candle holders were half off (normal price $3 each) so for 3 small gifts for neighbors, I paid $4.50! Plus I have various lotions and sprays to give to the ladies on my list. 

Victoria's Secret might seem like an odd store to do holiday gift shopping in, but they do sell more than just panties! When you get your birthday freebie (after signing up for their email list) you will get 1 free panty and $10 off any purchase of at least $10. I got my sister in law this cute t-shirt (she loves purple) off the clearance rack at our local store (marked down from $24.95 to $9.95), and it was FREE!

You can get a $10 off $10 coupon to World Market when you are a member of their Explorer Club! You can get a pretty decent gift for $10! 
Check out 3 of the examples I've found:

Vitacost offers a $10 credit to new members, PLUS $10 if you have a friend sign up! You can get great organic gift sets, cute baby toys, pet gifts, stocking stuffers, and even organic snacks!

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