Thursday, October 31, 2013

10 Trick Or Treat Safety Tips

Keeping safety in mind, children can go gather their parents free candy trick or treat to their hearts' content! 

1. Parents should inspect treats and throw away anything unwrapped or loosely wrapped - including anything homemade from someone parents don't know. Check for signs of tampering or small holes.

2. Watch out for choking hazards for little ones, such as gum, peanuts or hard candy.

3. Tripping is a concern, so make sure costumes are not too long, baggy or loose. 

4. Costumes should be bright, reflective and flame retardant. Face masks need to fit well so that children's vision and hearing is not impaired.

5. Feed children before you trick or treat. When they're hungry, they could be tempted to sample the treats.

6. Children younger than 12 need parental supervision. THIS IS LAW in many places, including Illinois. 

7. Remind children to walk from house to house and not to walk in yards, where they could trip.

8. Flashlights with new batteries should be used as they walk on the sidewalks.

9. Driveways and alleyways are dangerous areas and need to be approached cautiously. If you're driving trick-or-treaters, have them exit your car on the curb side. Most importantly, stay off your cellphone while driving to avoid the distraction, the Illinois State Police urge.

10. If you're on candy duty at home, make sure your walkway and yard are clear in anticipation of kids coming to the door. Keep dogs and other animals inside and away from the door. Also keep jack-o-lanterns with candles out of the way.


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